Gogo is proud to announce she has joined The Shine On Collective!

We are a group of jewellery designers who believe that the way to do business in this time of shifting lifestyles and business practices is by giving back to the global community.

We understand that we have a responsibility to shine rays of hope for communities affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our motto is that we will grow by lifting others and supporting those most defenseless. We, as a collective, have chosen to come together to donate a percentage of our sales to UNICEF. UNICEF, over the past 70 years, has stood tall in the face of some of the most challenging points in our world’s history and is on the front lines today, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please use the code "SHINEON" to have 20% of the cost of your purchase donated to UNICEF. 

Visit the Shine On Collective Website to learn more!