Gogo's reputation as one of America's most remarkable jewelry designers is no secret. Her designs can be found in the private collections of noted political figures, celebrities and dignitaries around the world. Gogo & Hannah create entirely unique and personalized engagement rings, wedding rings, exclusive bridal gift sets and gifts for groomsmen.


In 1997, Gogo designed bridal ring sets for JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette and hosted the wedding on her family's Cumberland Island property in Georgia. It was a feat of amazing tact and discretion that allowed the couple a truly private and personal experience, away from the glaring eye of the media. It's this kind of sensitivty and understanding that allows Gogo Jewelry to meet the needs of the most discerning clientele.


The difference with Gogo wedding jewelry is how the profoundly romantic spirit of Cumberland Island, it's history and the family legacy is instilled into an entirely unique creation. Wearing a Gogo creation for your nuptials truly encapulates the the spirit of your union like nothing else. Every time you look at your exemplary work of art, you will be transported back into magical island wilderness and one of the most special moments of your life. 

Gogo wedding jewelry exemplifies the direct expression for your love of nature and each other. Working with Gogo and Hannah is a sensitive and highly enjoyable process. They understand how to communicate the inspiration and excitement that comes from your union, through unique and timeless art. 

On January 17th 2013 The High Museum in Atlanta opened an eight month installation of Gogo's most famous pieces including personalized wedding gifts donated by celebrity clients. Please visit Gogo: Nature Transformed for more information.

For more information on special orders or any other specific requirements and information please don't heistate to contact us directly.