Hannah Sayre-Thomas is Gogo's daughter. From an early age Hannah was home schooled on Cumberland Island by her family alongside influential friends like Mikhail Baryshnikov, Carly Simon, William and Rose Styron and Nicole Miller. 

She was immersed in the freedom and wonder of island life and the daily routine of her mother, traveling with her everywhere she went. The two of them would traverse the shore line discovering what Gogo still calls 'gifts from the sea', all the while explaining what they were and how they came to be. When Gogo first started designing, Hannah was underneath the table in a basket breathing in the inspiration.

During her formative years Hannah travelled regulary with her mother for trunk shows all over the United States, Mexico, Europe and Morocco. Whilst living in Mexico she studied to become a metal smith in San Miguel De Allende for two years. It was during these two years of jewelry design, Spanish and dance study that she found her calling as an artist. At the early age of thirteen Hannah's first designs were on catwalk runways in New York City for Nicole Miller. 


After graduating and living in LA for two years, Hannah made a big decision to return home to Cumberland Island to continue the family legacy. Shortly afterwards Gogo appointed Hannah President of Gogo Inc. Since then they have been co-designing together and working closely on all aspects of the business. In 2013 Hannah was elected to join the board of the family partnership that still maintains stewardship of land on Cumberland Island and the operation of the Greyfield Inn.  

Gogo and Hannah have a psychic connection when it comes recognizing the transient beauty of light and form. It seems like they have an extra few degrees of peripheral vision. The patina of a shell or an ancient piece of Native American pottery partly hidden under sand and stone are to them as glaringly obvious as a road sign is to the rest of us. 

It's incredible to observe them on the beach in the morning at low tide after a big storm front has passed through, and millions of gifts have been deposited onto the shore line. Two shadows shimmering in the morning light, marveling at nature as if it were Christmas morning. 

As they examine their gifts the design conversations begin "look at this, wouldn't it be wonderful as a bracelet, look at the amazing colors of this shell, imagine if we put diamonds in this barnacle". 

Gogo and Hannah instinctively transform and cast the perfection of nature into unique and timeless jewelry. They have a deep passion for what they do combined with a strong commitment to customer service, and the specific needs of individual clients. There is a great family legacy and so many enthralling stories contained in their art that is difficult to translate effectively into major department stores. Consequently, you will only find Gogo Jewelry in art galleries and small boutiques with well informed sales teams.

Over the next few years Gogo and Hannah's goals are to carefully expand their new collections into small boutiques in New York, LA, and London. Gogo and Hannah continue their families tradition of reciprocating success with philanthropic pursuits and charity endeavors in local nature and marine conservation projects and funding.