It all begins with a daily journey through an old maritime forest to the beach, something glistens, uncovered by the breeze, awaiting to be transformed into irresistibly beautiful jewelry. This is the daily routine of Gogo and her daughter Hannah - now president of the company - on Cumberland Island, home of the Carnegie family for seven generations.  

Growing up on Cumberland Island has gifted them with an insatiable sense of wonder and respect for their surroundings. Gogo's Great Grandmother and Grandmother passed down their wisdom and stories of Cumberland island, and how to appreciate the wondrous forms of nature. Throughout her travels around the world - and from her love of other cultures -  Gogo has discovered the common thread of incorporating nature into life and wearable art. 

Gogo and Hannah design jewelry by recieving precious gifts that nature provides and faithfully transforming them into dazzling pieces of artwork. Because every intricate detail of the original is retained, holding a piece of Gogo jewelry in your hands feels like you are truly entwined with the spirit of the creature or plant that inspired it. Wearing a Gogo instills the energy of untouched barrier islands, the ocean and the continual celebration of nature. 

From January 19th to August 23rd 2013 the High Museum in Atlanta honored Gogo with a six month installation Nature Transformed, presenting the evolution of her creativity. Her most famous pieces were on display alongside exclusive designs especially for the exhibit, as well as some of her first natural bone designs and pieces donated by celebrity clients. Watch the Nature Transformed Video. 

The Exhibition then moved to the Montgomery Museum Of Fine Arts and is looking to move to New York City in 2015.

Other milestones include designing John and Carolyn Kennedy's wedding rings, a necklace for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and inclusion into Presidential and Olympic collections. Gifts to heads of state, first ladies, along with many high profile figures in music, dance, fashion, sport, news and government.  

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